• Who You Truly Are

    Who You Truly Are

    Last week, I began a series about being true to yourself. No, I’m not talking about the self-love hippy dippy nonsense. I’m talking about boldly confronting yourself and making a choice—the choice to acknowledge who you are today, admit your shortcomings, see your potential, and move forward towards what God desires for you. We’ve already … Continue reading “Who You Truly Are”

  • Be True to Yourself

    Be True to Yourself

    Nothing annoys me more than someone fake. I’d rather talk to a newly saved Christian who’s confused about why Jesus had to die on the cross than an educated theologian who tweets that “Jesus was a socialist.” The difference is that one of them is being honest, acknowledging their ignorance and seeking truth; the other … Continue reading “Be True to Yourself”

  • Do All Christians Have to go to Church?

    Do All Christians Have to go to Church?

    I’ve seen some rather frustrating takes on the internet recently about church. It seems the obligation to go to church has all but died out with the general population, and many people who call themselves Christians have given up on church as well. But why is this? I think, in part, it’s a natural progression … Continue reading “Do All Christians Have to go to Church?”